The Importance of a Page Title

Search Engine Optimisation for all sites depends on many aspects and one of them is your page title tags. What are page title tags you might ask? Well when you visit any page of any site and hover over the tab at the top of the page, the title tag is the description that appears. It is literally the title of that page or post and acts as a short description of what the page is about. The title tag is very important as it is the first thing that search engines like Google and Bing notices when visiting your page. It tells the search engines and visitors alike what the page is about. Many small business website owners don’t set them or even know what they are.

What To Include In The Title Tag

Page Title Tag Just like a newspaper, the title of an article tells what the story is about.  When setting up your title tags think about the key words or key phrases that describe what is on that page. Think about what people would search for when looking for the service you describe on that page. Ensure that you also refer to this phrase in a natural way several times on the page too. Shop Front Often you will include your company name in the title tag but is important to have your service or product for sale included and perhaps your location too. “Web Designer Edinburgh” or “24 Hour Plumber Corstorphine” are examples.

WordPress Page Title Tags

WordPress make it easy to set the title of each page or post. Selecting the title is basically the first thing you do when starting a new page or post. Some plugins help you chose an appropriate title which helps with SEO. If you look on the pages of some sites that appear on higher numbered pages of a google search you see some interesting title tags. Sometimes each page just has a repeat of the company name or nothing at all. There was one website where the second page of their site had the title tag “page 2”.   Perhaps this explains their search position. All website owners want to have their site found by the search engines and appear as far up the search results as possible. Appropriate page title tags will certainly help you increase your position.

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