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What is a responsive website design and how can it help your business?

There is an ever-increasing amount of traffic visiting sites through mobile devices.  Having a mobile compatible website increases the chances of your website being found by search engines.

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What is "Mobile Friendly"?

In the past there was only one type of website. Most people viewed websites on a desktop so this is what websites were built for. As mobile devices became more popular users had to pinch or flick theirs screens to view specific content. You will probably have done this yourself. In order to combat this web designers started building mobile compatible websites which meant the website content was instantly readable and improved the user experience meaning users were more likely to stay on the website. At Colinton Website Design we use a “responsive website design” to make websites mobile friendly.


Responsive Designs?

A responsive web design is one way to allow users to view a website easily on all sizes of mobile device. A responsive website allows the user to read and navigate the site without having to resize the page. A website designed using a responsive layout uses a fluid pattern of grids where each grid can change position and resize to allow them to fit into any size of screen. Even images can resize too so that they can easily be viewed. Making your website mobile friendly in this way results in a better user experience increasing the chances of a user staying on your site and helping your business.


How Can It Help?

Everybody wants their site found by google. With more and more searches taking place on mobile devices google has changed the way their search engine works. Google is all about “user experience” and therefore prefers mobile optimised websites. Generally a mobile friendly site performs better in a google search when compared to a website with similar content that is not mobile friendly. Google says “now searchers can more easily find high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming”. If google rank your site higher that can only be good for your business.




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