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The Importance of a Page Title

Search Engine Optimisation for all sites depends on many aspects and one of them is your page title tags. What are page title tags you might ask? Well when you visit any page of any site and hover over the tab at the top of the page, the title tag is the description that appears. […]


1st Page Of Google Guaranteed!

How many times have you had an email saying someone will get your website on the 1st page of Google – Guaranteed? For only £99 per month too! Sounds great doesn’t it? Perhaps it is too good to be true. Or is it? Who are these people and is it actually possible? Let’s find out. […]



Welcome to my first blog post on my new site! I have decided to pay attention to the advice that I, myself have given to many of our clients. That is to use a blog in an attempt to encourage others to visit my site. Why would that be important? Well two-fold really! Obviously the […]