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SEO Edinburgh

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how important is it?

SEO Edinburgh - It is what helps the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing find your website.  It helps you ensure you improve user experience which in turn moves your site up the search rankings.

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SEO Edinburgh

Everyone wants their website to be at the top of page 1 on a google search. Unfortunately only one site can get their and only 10 can reach page 1. Despite what some emails promise, the only way to guarantee a page 1 slot is to pay google for an advert. However, you can dramatically increase your chances of getting there by ensuring each page of your site is set up correctly. Google’s big focus just now is user experience. If you have interesting, relevant content on your site that keeps users there for a while and encourages users to tell others then google will push you up the rankings. Have meaningless content full of key words and little else then google will penalise you. When we build your website we do so with SEO in mind. Sometimes this is enough to get your site ranking well quickly. If not we will be happy to work on your site for as long as you need at very competitive rates.


Learn About SEO

As previously mentioned, we will set up your website to be search engine optimised from day 1. It can take a week or two for Google to fully acknowledge your site and longer for your pages to find their own level. At this point you can decide whether you are happy with your site’s position or whether you want us to work on your site further to improve your rankings. An alternative is to learn about SEO yourself. We can provide you with information through articles and emails. We will give you details of the actual SEO steps we take and how to adapt these yourself to try and improve your position. You can also use these same SEO techniques if you add new pages to your site. There are also many articles and videos you can search for online that can help you too. However, we appreciate that you have to spend time running your business so we will be happy to help out when you need us.


Will A Blog Help SEO?

The simple answer is yes! WordPress actually started out as a blogging platform and is still used for this purpose by many. Several company websites have an associated blog to keep users of their products up to date. Earlier on this page we mentioned the importance of “user experience”. If your blog posts can give useful information that people want, it will bring them to your website. Blogs are often useful to highlight previous or current jobs. If e.g. you run a cleaning company and have just completed an end of tenancy flat cleaning in Gorgie then you should write a blog post entitled “End of Tenancy Flat Cleaning Gorgie”. With relevant content you should soon appear well up the rankings for someone searching for similar in that area. The gradual writing of new posts will eventually cover many areas and products/services and build up a large presence for your company online. Just ask if you are interested in this.




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