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Why choose a WordPress website for your business?

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Why choose a WordPress website for your business?

There are many reasons! WordPress is easy to edit, safe and secure, expandable and adaptable and search engine friendly. With thousands of WordPress themes why not become the next WordPress business?

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WordPress Design Edinburgh

Colinton Website Design moved to building WordPress websites in 2013 after several years of using another platform.  There are many reasons! The WordPress community are dedicated to having the number one content management system there is. They are continually upgrading it with new features and ensuring it is safe and secure. It is extremely SEO friendly helping your company be found by search engines such as google. Don’t just take our word for it - it is also good enough for Marks and Spencer Business, Katy Perry and BBC America to name but a few.  Be the next Edinburgh WordPress Business.

WordPress Website Design Edinburgh

If you are considering building your website on the WordPress Platform then congratulations. We can help you design and build your WordPress website. If required we can also help you purchase a domain name (website address) and provide hosting.  Hosting is the process of storing the files – text, images etc – that make up your site.  These files are stored on a server in a similar way to you store files on your computer.  When someone clicks onto your site, they send a request to the server storing your files asking to see the contents.

How To Use WordPress

Do you need WordPress Help to use WordPress for your website? WordPress websites are quite straightforward to edit. We can provide instructions for you to edit the content of your site. This can include text, images, slideshows, galleries of previous work and blog articles. If however you want to leave the management of your website to us then that’s fine too. We only charge our minimal hourly rate for editing and only charge by the minute. Small jobs therefore cost very little and may save you time. Many clients choose to leave the editing to us so they can get on with running their business.


WordPress Templates

WordPress Templates (or WordPress Themes as they are more commonly known) form the basis of how your website will look. With thousands of excellent free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes (paid for) available, you can choose how you want your site to look. Use the best WordPress themes to build a WordPress site. A good web designer will adapt your theme and expand on the features that the original theme had to create a fully customised theme tailored for your individual requirements. Using a responsive theme that gives you a WordPress mobile site will help with search engine optimisation and give you a WordPress business website that you will be proud of.  In most cases we use WordPress Themes developed by Themify.  We have the rights to use all of their Premium Themes so can provide a top qality WordPress site without you having to pay the extra for a premium theme.


Edinburgh WordPress Doctor

We have been providing WordPress Support for Edinburgh since 2013. We are not just about building sites.  If you have a problem with your WordPress site then get in touch with the Edinburgh WordPress Doctor.  We help individuals and small businesses throughout Edinburgh with their WordPress sites and blogs.  If your website is down then you could be losing money.  We aim to sort out your problem as soon as possible whether it’s because you don’t have the time to sort it yourself or perhaps your don’t have the expertise.   Many problems can be sorted quickly and with our low hourly rate you shouldn’t put of time.  Also, if you have lost contact with your original designer don't despair.  As long as you have the login details to your site then we can edit your site for you and make any other changes that you require.




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