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How Much Will A Site Cost?

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Can I Edit The Site?

Edinburgh Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions that clients have had.

Hopefully the answers below will go some way to helping you.  However, if you do have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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How Much Will It Cost For A Website?

Cost will depend an several things; whether you want to use a free or premium WordPress theme, the size of the site (number of pages) and the design of your site. Once we know what your requirements are we will give you a quotation that will be as accurate as possible. The actual price may change as often clients want to add features during the build. We do, however, have a good record at not going over budget and sometimes even come in below it. The vast majority of websites shown in our portfolio cost in the range £75.00 to £350.00.

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Will I Have To Pay Anything Upfront?

You won’t pay anything to us during our initial discussions.  Once we have agreed on the design of your website and what will be involved in the build we will require a non-returnable deposit of 20% of the quotation price.  After this has been paid we will produce a “Home Page” for you in your chosen design.  At this stage we can edit the design so that you are completely happy before we continue with the rest of the site.  At this point we will ask for a further 40% of the quotation price.  Once the site is complete we can still make editing changes until you are satisfied with the final product.  We will then require the remainder of the fee before we make the site live.

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Are There Any Additional Costs?

Other than the cost of the initial build and your domain name the only other cost is hosting.  However, for the first year this is included in the build price.  On each anniversary of your site going live you will require to pay a hosting fee which at present is £30.00 per year.

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Can You Set Up A Professional Business Email Address For Me?

Yes.  Some clients want one or more email addresses like and we can set this up to be used from a new or existing gmail account or mobile app among others – there are many options.  Some clients already have customers that are used to their existing email address and don’t want to change.  We can discuss the options that are available at the beginning of your project.

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Will I Be Able To Edit The Site Once It Is Finished?

Yes.  During our initial discussions this is something we will consider.  We can either supply you with instructions so that you can edit or add to your site yourself or we can do the editing for you.

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There Is A Site I Like. Can You Build One That Looks The Same?

Basically yes.  We probably wouldn’t want to make it identical but generally it could be very similar.  Obviously we are talking about design here as due to copyright we couldn’t use the same text or images unless we were confident there were no copyright implications.

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Can I Link My Website To My Social Media Accounts?

Absolutely!  There are various options.  You can have links directly to your various pages.  You can have icons on each page (or where you want) that allows viewers to share that page/information.  If you have a Blog or News page where you post information at regular intervals then you can connect this to many major social media accounts so that as soon as you post on your website, you automatically post on your social media pages too.

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How Will I Get A Website Name (Domain Name)?

In the past, we have arranged this for clients.  Unfortunately, if we register a domain name it will legally be in our name.  We feel it is better for the client if they purchase their own domain name as it is then legally theirs.  A domain name ending can cost less than £5 per year so will not be a big outlay.  At present we are using the UK company, Smarthosting, to buy our own domains.  They are reliable and straightforward to use.  It costs £3.99 plus VAT to register a domain name with them.  This is then paid yearly to keep the registration going. Please note we do not receive any payment for recommending their name.

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Will My Website Conform TO EU Legislation on Privacy and Cookies?

We have viewed many websites on this subject including that of the UK Government.  There are many guidelines on this subject but without someone in authority visiting every website and saying “yes” or “no” there is no definitive way of being sure whether a particular website fits the bill or not.  However, we are using the same system as many large corporations and many other website owners and feel confident of our procedures.  You can view our privacy/cookie policy.  Your one will be very similar.  One thing to point is the list of cookies will be accurate on the day your website goes live.  Some third party cookies e.g. those used for Google Analytics may be updated or changed by the relevant company which may make your list slightly inaccurate in the future.

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Will You Help In The Future If I require Additional Work?

Of course.  Many clients ask us to carry out additional work.  At present we charge £17 per hour for additional work.  If it is a large job then we are happy to give a quotation for that job which will be as accurate as possible.

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