Grow Your Business Using Comment of the Day

Business owners! Are you looking for ways to grow your business? This example uses another slant on testimonials to get the word out there. Possibly more suitable to bricks and mortar businesses that purely online ones, this idea allows you to spread the word within your premises and through social media at the same time.

Ontario Burger restaurant Burger Revolution takes the old idea of the visitors’ book in hotels and B&Bs to the next level. They ask customers to leave comments on their experience on post-it notes and place them on a board. The board is on show for other customers to view, encouraging them to write something similar and possibly outdo each other with what they say. This gets a buzz going in the restaurant and gets customers talking about them outside too.

Grow Your Business With Post-Its

Grow Your Business Through Social Media

They don’t stop there though! Each day they choose one of the comments, snap a photo of it and post it on Facebook, Twitter and the like. Clients naturally check Burger Revolution’s social media pages to see if there comment has been used and are sure to share or retweet if their comment is seen – again spreading the word.

This simple idea has helped Burger Revolution reach over 37,000 Facebook fans in a very short time.

Grow Your Business Ideas

Online Businesses Can Take Advantage Too

If you don’t have an actual premises to show off your post-it board you can still make use of the social media angle. Make sure you highlight each positive testimonial you get. Tweet about it and post in on Facebook, remembering to link back to the testimonials page on your website so that potential customers can view all the other positive things being said about you or your company.

Grow Your Business With Social Media

Do you have other simple ideas that have helped you grow your business? If so please comment below and spread the word.

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