1st Page Of Google Guaranteed!

How many times have you had an email saying someone will get your website on the 1st page of Google – Guaranteed? For only £99 per month too! Sounds great doesn’t it? Perhaps it is too good to be true. Or is it? Who are these people and is it actually possible? Let’s find out. Well there are several things to consider and I hope to do that here.

Buy Orange Toilet Paper In Edinburgh

1st page of google guaranteedOk I’m taking a gamble here because I am hoping in a day or two this post will start ranking on the 1st page of google for “orange toilet paper in Edinburgh” or “where can I buy orange toilet paper in Edinburgh”. If I am lucky, maybe even worldwide for “orange toilet paper”. The point is that some things can rank easily and even if this post doesn’t rank on page 1 then hopefully you will still get the point. This might be good news if you plan to sell orange toilet paper but only if there are potential buyers out there that will search for it.

Painter And Decorator in Edinburgh

1st page of google guaranteedIf on the other hand you are a painter and decorator in Edinburgh then it will be a little harder to reach the 1st page of google. If you search for “painter and decorator in Edinburgh” I would imagine you will be lucky if this post reaches page 15. Why? Well the competition is far greater than for “orange toilet paper” and remember there are only 10 place on page 1.  I’m also not putting in a great deal of effort to do so.  Someone optimising your site for search engines like google would work at it over weeks or months to move your site up the ranks. So can these “companies” that email you do it? Well many can’t or don’t even try. They just take your £99 per month and disappear after a couple of months. Some though will manage and this is how they do it.

So How Do They Guarantee Getting On The 1st Page Of Google?

google searchGoogle AdwordsWhen you carry out any search with Google have you noticed the adverts at the top, bottom or down the right hand side? These adverts are set up through a “Google Adwords” account and they are paid for adverts. Anyone can set up a Google Adwords account for their website. What these companies will do is take your £99, use say £49 or less for your adverts and pocket the rest. Don’t get me wrong, if they are upfront about what they are doing they may tell you this is exactly what they are doing and how much it will cost. If you are happy with this then that’s fine. The thing is you can do it yourself or get someone to set it up for you for less. Most of the work is done in the initial set up so maybe only getting £49 worth of adverts the first month is fair enough. However, after that it should just be tweaking so they shouldn’t need £50 every month. £20 would be fairer leaving £79 for your ads. Just be careful with who you are giving money to and make sure you know what you are getting for your money.  Think about how much you would actually pay to guarantee you website to be on the 1st page of google.  If these companies can genuinely do it for any client then they would all be multi-millionaires without a doubt!

Thanks for reading.