Colinton Web Design in Top 10 WordPress Sites

For a little over 2 years now we have been using themes designed by Themify, a Canadian Company, to build many of our sites. Their professional themes are outstanding and their support is second to none.  Last summer they introduced a new theme called ‘Themify Flow’ which allowed for far more customisation.  We used this as an opportunity to re-design our own site – little did we know that they would pick up on this.

Top 10 WordPress Sites

Top 10 WordPress Sites Powered by Themify Flow

We are honoured that they have included us in their blog post entitled Top 10 WordPress Sites Powered by Themify Flow.  Many of these lists of sites are made up by individuals trying to push their own sites.  In fact sometimes a site owner can request that their site is included.  We didn’t even know about our inclusion.  As you can see the post is dated November and someone just pointed it out us.

Many thanks Themify.  Keep up the good work.

Thanks for reading.

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