Month: August 2015


Why Bother With Testimonials?

When building websites for clients I have often been asked “why bother with testimonials?” For me there are several reasons. I believe, whether it is for your business website, within your general advertising or on the wall of your premises, testimonials can help make a potential new client take the first step in contacting you. […]


1st Page Of Google Guaranteed!

How many times have you had an email saying someone will get your website on the 1st page of Google – Guaranteed? For only £99 per month too! Sounds great doesn’t it? Perhaps it is too good to be true. Or is it? Who are these people and is it actually possible? Let’s find out. […]


Free Images To Use For Any Reason

Finding free images to use was a big problem when I started out building websites. I would search for “free images online” in the hope that I would have a limitless supply of sources. Unfortunately many searches returned sites where I could “download free images online” only to find out that I had to provide […]